Debojyoti Mishra

Paris, France

About Me

Hi, I'm Debojyoti Mishra, a Computer Science student based in Paris, France. I'm passionate about creating applications that solve real-world problems and make people's lives better.

I'm currently studying at EPITA where I've gained experience in building Web Applications using Flask, doing Data Analysis with Python, and Web Development with ReactJS.


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Ethereum Price Predictor

Github Repository

Utilizing Python alongside libraries such as yfinance and Prophet, I conducted thorough time series analysis and forecasting of Ethereum prices. This involved preprocessing historical price data obtained from Yahoo Finance using yfinance and subsequently visualizing trends using Plotly. Leveraging Prophet, I constructed a model incorporating multiplicative seasonality to ensure accurate predictions of future Ethereum prices. To facilitate effective communication of forecasted trends and insights, I presented interactive visualizations through Plotly.

Map SVG Constructor

Github Repository

Developed Python scripts using Object Oriented Programming to construct SVGs from GeoJSON files. This included fetching the features of map objects by reading into JSON files, modeling a map with classes, and rendering the svg with a template rendering engine The final script takes the path of the folder as an argument, then loads the GeoJSON files from a folder and renders the maps in SVG. The SVG files are then saved in the same folder with the same name but with the .svg extension.


Github Repository

Utilizing Object Oriented Programming in Python alongside a library called svgwrite, I developed a chess game that allows two players to play against each other. The game is played in the terminal and the board is rendered using SVG. The game is played by entering the coordinates of the piece to be moved and the coordinates of the destination square. The project also includes tests for the game logic, rendering of the board, and the movement of pieces.

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Github Repository

Developed Python scripts to parse predefined HTML templates and dynamically generate web pages by integrating data fetched from a School Management Database via SQL queries. The project also included a database schema for the School Management Database and SQL queries to fetch student data.

Terminal Typing Speed Game

Github Repository

Developed a simple typing speed game in Python that runs in the terminal. The game generates random words from a predefined list and calculates the typing speed of the player. The game also includes a feature to display the player's typing speed in words per minute (WPM).

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